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The Future of CRE Office Space and How to Succeed

We can’t seem to go a day without seeing a ‘work from home’ or ‘remote work’ headline, and CEOs are taking note. As companies assess their spending in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that office real estate is in for its own exodus. Or is it? Businesses may be pleasantly surprised [...]

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Multifamily Housing Conversions Taking the Lead in Empty Offices and Hotels

We’ve written about the future of offices and malls before; now the trends are unfolding. Many multifamily conversion projects are popping up in former office and hotel spaces. To understand what’s happening, it’s important to consider the broader context of commercial real estate as the country continues to cope with the economic impact of the [...]

7 Compelling Reasons to Focus on Investment in the Secondary and Tertiary Markets

When investors think about commercial real estate markets, they’re often drawn to cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, New York, San Francisco, D.C., Chicago, and Phoenix. This attraction to major cities with populations over 5 million is understandable. As long-established centers of commerce and population, they provide large investment opportunities and can seem less risky. [...]

The Success and Benefits of Subscription-Based Platforms in CRE

Not long ago, we wrote about how the commercial real estate industry can harness emerging technologies. Automation, artificial intelligence, and communication technology dominated industry developments at the time. Today, however, subscription-based platforms in CRE are opening new doors for finance professionals. The subscription economy grew over 3