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How the CRE Industry Can Harness Emerging Technologies

Last month, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) partnered with Commercial Real Estate Exchange, Inc. (CREXi). CREXi is a business-accelerating community, marketplace, and technology company supporting brokers, buyers, agents, and tenants. This is a major advancement for the commercial real estate industry. CREXi uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate real estate data from multiple sources, [...]

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How Women Are Breaking into, and Changing the Face of, Commercial Real Estate

It wasn’t long ago that commercial real estate (CRE) was an unquestionably male-dominated field. While men continue to hold the lion’s share of leadership positions in CRE today, the scales are noticeably beginning to budge. Slowly but surely, women are entering the industry and bringing change with them. Changing Trends Today, more women fill senior [...]

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Where are We in the Commercial Real Estate Cycle?

The Great Recession marked a clear and difficult end to what had appeared to be an exciting real estate cycle. Ten years later, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry has yet to experience any comparable drop in growth—an impressively long cycle, historically speaking. Many CRE lenders and investors think of the market cycle in baseball [...]

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Top Emerging Technologies to Watch for CRE Investors

As with any valuable venture, keeping up with developments and changes in the commercial real estate industry is essential to staying ahead of the curve. Our world is increasingly automated, speedy, and information-based. Being knowledgeable and up-to-date on which technologies have the largest potential impact as CRE evolves is critical to keeping ahead of the [...]

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How Commercial Real Estate Investors Weather Uncertain Markets

In an earlier post, we covered some of the Trump administration’s economic policy impacts on commercial real estate (CRE). Amidst trade tariffs, Fed rate hikes, and Qualified Opportunity Zones, there’s ample reason to be both excited and concerned about what 2019 has in store for investors. While weathering government shutdowns, watching mortgage rates rise [...]

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Trump Administration Economic Policy Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Last year, all eyes were on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) to see what changes it would bring in the commercial real estate industry. Those watching kept updated on 1031 exchanges, income deductions on REIT dividends for pass-through business entities, interest deduction limits avoided through extended depreciation periods on property, and the extension [...]

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2019 IMN Multifamily Southwest Conference

Pioneer Realty Capital, LLC is a proud Gold Member Sponsor for the IMN Multifamily Southwest Conference taking place March 19 – 20, 2019 in Dallas, TX. As a direct correspondent lender, Pioneer Realty Capital is excited to meet property owners, operators, and investors and potentially expand on our firm’s network of over 790 capital partners. [...]

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Benefits of Representation in Capital Markets

So, you’re interested in commercial real estate investment, and you have some decisions to make. One decision that will dramatically affect your experience in the capital markets is whether to invest through a representative firm or to go directly to capital lenders. While your unique situation may dictate one option over the other, it’s certainly [...]

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How the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Overcome its Talent Deficit

In the next five years, baby boomers will overwhelmingly have reached retirement age. Commercial real estate is one of many industries expected to feel the effects of the retirement wave which has already begun. Rising young professionals, however, may or may not be interested in filling those shoes. While commercial real estate certainly offers a [...]

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Airbnb vs Hotel: Is Hospitality Still a Safe Investment?

In 2012 a new app launched that allowed people seeking a ride to connect with a driver in their area willing to give one. By 2018, taxis in most major cities had become nearly obsolete. After witnessing that, it’s understandable that some would wonder whether Airbnb poses a threat to hotels and the hospitality industry. [...]

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