COVID-19 has everyone on edge, and for good reason. When our health and the health of our loved ones is on the line, feeling cautious and protective is natural. This is only compounded as the world has seemingly ground to a halt, stifling the economy with it. The one-two punch of both health and financial insecurity has left many breathless.
When times are good, stocks, bonds, money market accounts, and currencies are smart investments. But what about when times are bad? As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the global economy, these paper assets have suddenly become much riskier places for your money. How can we inoculate money against the effects of COVID-19?

The answer is to transition from paper assets to fixed assets. This includes physical property like land, equipment, and buildings. These can’t disappear like stock or currency, giving them much more staying power in turbulent times.

Here’s an overview of some of the best crisis-resistant investments:

Protecting Your Money Against The Effects Of COVID 19 Holding On To Cash Pioneer Realty Capital

Retain your money’s value with tried-and-true tactics.

For retirees or others who are highly risk-averse, some out-of-market options can allow investors to simply hold on to the money they’ve got. Of course, this also means this money won’t be earning anything as long as it’s kept out of play.

Obviously, this means one option is to simply pull out your money and hold it as cash. A high-yield savings account might be helpful here, to earn at least a little interest at no risk. Any account will do—just don’t store large amounts of physical cash, which is risky. Any number of disasters or crimes could render physical cash worthless. It is better off protected by the FDA in a bank.

Another popular option for holding onto money is precious metals. Precious metal sales tend to rise in times of crisis, and you can choose to invest in them through the derivatives market and metal ETFs and mutual funds, or you can simply buy physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. The value of precious metals tends to hold steady even in times of uncertainty, and across international lines even during a global pandemic.

For many, owning physical precious metals in the form of jewelry and watches is a fulfilling way to both enjoy a tangible investment and physically pass wealth down for multiple generations.

Protecting Your Money Against The Effects Of COVID 19 Investing In Collectibles Pioneer Realty Capital

Make more money with a little more courage.

For younger investors with slightly more risk tolerance, COVID-19 may present an opportunity to branch out and diversify. With financial futures uncertain, those who can afford to take a chance might be interested in exploring less common but still profitable investment territory.

We’ve mentioned jewelry and watches, but there are other valuables and collectibles that tend to rise in value over time. Investopedia has pointed out that sports memorabilia, toys, work from emerging photographers, and vintage electronics seem to be on the rise as collectibles. Other popular valuables include coins, stamps, furniture, and of course, fine art.

As time passes, the value of these items tends to rise, keeping money safe and even earning more. Just be careful to avoid scams and knock-off items; these are some of the risks inherent in this kind of investing.

Another option for many investors to consider is starting a business. Essential businesses are all that’s open as we endure the COVID-19 pandemic, because that’s what they are: essential. We all watched toilet paper fly off the shelves weeks ago, but people won’t stop buying toilet paper when this is over.

Opening a grocery store, hardware store, delivery service, pharmacy, or a business which supplies or supports these businesses, can be a smart money move for the right investor. Tech companies have also fared this crisis well, if that’s more your wheelhouse.